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  2. Character ID / Naming System Anonymity for all! Hello all. Today I'd like to share a game system that's been at the forefront of our minds and development from the very beginning. How can we make player characters truly anonymous and make a huge dent in any meta-game potential? And how can we accomplish this while also allowing for continued efficient moderation? As most any roleplayer knows, traditionally every character's entire name is on full display to anyone within range at all times. It doesn't matter if you've never met before. We believe there's a be
  3. It's been pretty silent around here, including on the Redux Discord. While the team has had some variety of real life interruptions which has impacted productivity, we have continued to progress. This was originally intended to be a brief update but it's been expanded. Update 3 is planned to be a video feature showcase. A lot of back end programming work has been done. The base UCP framework is complete and functional, though more work lies ahead here. I will list some other items we have worked on. Many listed items are fundamentally complete but still a work in progress.
  4. Sern

    Weapon System ideas

    Those ideas are complex and would take time to plan out, much less program in. I would think of this as a great thing to expand into after initial launch. Definitely something to work toward as a fun update people can get excited about once we have our foundation. There's probably a reason most other communities haven't done a complex system like this. But we don't want to be like most other communities that are lazy with ideas or feature implementation. Just know that while we want to progress the entire genre as much as we can, we're still very limited on resources (I'm speaking to everyone
  5. Me and Jayce discussed and though that we need a decent weapon system that's not locked behind some forum application, that's fun and has its risks, as well as rewards, no random gun spawning for LSPD nor criminal citizens, here's Jayce's ideas: Hey! Here is my first proposition for gun item economy that would give the world more depth, intrigue and attachment. Part 1 Weapons and weapon parts. Guns and weapons have been a large part of legal and illegal roleplay, getting it to work and be balanced has always been a tricky endeavor. Acquiring guns legally and illegally would requir
  6. Welcome to TheDumpap! @TheDumpap is a recent addition to the Redux development team and will be working with @0neAcid to program toward our community vision for how the gameplay should look, feel, and function. We should all look forward to the added programming capacity and what TheDumpap can bring to the team as a competent programmer and member. Here's a brief introduction provided by TheDumpap: Community Vision The Redux 'community vision' includes the focus of our gameplay efforts and the choices we make in their development. In other words, when
  7. Sern

    Vehicle system

    Yes I anticipated some of the down sides of not allowing offline player vehicles to be stolen. I figured we could have a very simple pop up when you get very close to an unoccupied vehicle that simply says (offline) over it. That way you just simply stand near and look at the vehicle to determine if it can be stolen. Once our overall features are more robust and have had more time to develop I would consider the theft of offline player vehicles. But for now I have envisioned far too many problematic scenarios coming from it that would require far too much admin intervention and time spent
  8. Agreed, /vstats should show all the info about the vehicle, mileage, last maintenance(How many miles ago), name, VIN code etc Mileage should be shown on the hud, somewhere next to speed as well. Also, main display should show miles, but somewhere under kilometers as well. Another good idea, here where I live, there's those yearly checkups, costs money, if you fail, your car is not allowed on the road, could have those checkups here as well, just go to a mechanic(every mech has his own price), they do a quick check - engine/transmission, tires, brakes etc(depends on how in depth we wa
  9. 1) Mileage This variant will have effects on both player decision and vehicle cores. As in real life, when a car reaches certain mileage, the price goes down depending on the condition. This is totally up to the players themselves to come up with a price that they think is fair. Naturally as the car gains mileage, the parts begin to deteriorate and performance goes down. The mileage of the vehicle will be determined by the mileage driven around the map (duh..). Maintenance will be required per-said miles driven to prevent further damage to the vehicle. To display the mileage (aside the ma
  10. Lance

    Vehicle system

    Downside of leaving everything spawned and not letting people steal cars of offline players is that people who want to steal a car have to run around and guess what car can/can't be stolen, being told by a script. Ideally yes, all cars always spawned, but it might also affect stability, if server has 200 players for example, some own two cars, we're looking at like 300 vehicles spawned on the map at the same time, hopefully server/people's PCs can handle it. but one good fix for criminals to be able to take any car, even when the owner is offline: * If we decide to have public parking garage
  11. Sern

    Vehicle system

    Yes I agree, there's a near infinite number of improvements on vehicle purchases and ownership systems we could make since in the past there's been barely any thought put into it. Agreed. Numbers not final but yes. I am hesitant to limit stock on more 'basic' vehicles but on higher end ones, definitely. Yes, absolutely. I had similar thoughts on test driving. I am in favor of limiting test drives to 30 minutes with a 10 minute late window where a fee is charged (possibly) for being late. After an additional 10 minute window (50 minutes) the vehicle will be flagged as stolen. Th
  12. Lance

    Vehicle system

    Every single server has an awful vehicle system, some better, some disgusting, but not a single one has the system where cars actually matter, where you're forced to actually take care of the car not use it as another asset. I'm working on the dealerships so I've been asking around, looking into all that vehicle system, so let's start from the beginning. I might be update the post if I get more ideas. 1. Dealerships and buying a car. 1.1 Dealerships should have a limited amount of cars in stock, especially Luxury Autos and Vinewood Autos, all those expensive cars will be 1/1 or 2/2.
  13. You may need to download the image above to see text in greater detail. Hello everyone. I'm going to briefly discuss our current design process for a non traditional 911 dispatching system. Why change things up? We felt the traditional 911 systems were both overly simplistic and flatly lazy in design. Instead of having a half baked automated 911 system, we decided to make a dope ass fully baked automated system that was a backup for our even more dope real-time dispatch system. Real-time system? Yes. Imagine....a world where real people answer the emergency line IN REAL TIME! I
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