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At Redux we appreciate the variety of languages and cultures around the world and within this community. However, English is the only language that will be utilized here for the sake of moderation purposes.

1. DO NOT advertise our community on any other website or community without permission from management.

2. DO NOT advertise (OOC) websites or businesses on our forum without explicit written consent from staff.

3. DO NOT attack/disparage other players or members of this community for any reason.

4. DO NOT post copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.

5. DO NOT post or link to any pornographic material.

6. All forms of hate speech, including racism, are prohibited.

7. DO NOT abuse any part of the forum report features. This includes flagging a member as a spammer when they are not, or reporting a member when they have done nothing wrong. However, we encourage honest usage of the report functionality.

8. DO NOT go off topic in a thread.

9. Use the search function before asking for help.

10a. Discussing bans and/or ban appeals among other non staff members is generally permitted. However, discussing the details of a ban or ban appeal topic directly with a staff member on an individual basis - especially in order to plead your innocence - is strictly prohibited.

10b. Discussing bans or ban appeals within the forum in places other than the ban appeal forum is prohibited.

11. Impersonation of any other individual which is a registered member of the community, whether as a joke or otherwise, is disallowed. Impersonation of staff at any level is a bannable offense.

12. Endeavor to make everyone's experience as enjoyable as you'd like your own to be.

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