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  1. Character ID / Naming System Anonymity for all! Hello all. Today I'd like to share a game system that's been at the forefront of our minds and development from the very beginning. How can we make player characters truly anonymous and make a huge dent in any meta-game potential? And how can we accomplish this while also allowing for continued efficient moderation? As most any roleplayer knows, traditionally every character's entire name is on full display to anyone within range at all times. It doesn't matter if you've never met before. We believe there's a be
  2. It's been pretty silent around here, including on the Redux Discord. While the team has had some variety of real life interruptions which has impacted productivity, we have continued to progress. This was originally intended to be a brief update but it's been expanded. Update 3 is planned to be a video feature showcase. A lot of back end programming work has been done. The base UCP framework is complete and functional, though more work lies ahead here. I will list some other items we have worked on. Many listed items are fundamentally complete but still a work in progress.
  3. Sern

    Weapon System ideas

    Those ideas are complex and would take time to plan out, much less program in. I would think of this as a great thing to expand into after initial launch. Definitely something to work toward as a fun update people can get excited about once we have our foundation. There's probably a reason most other communities haven't done a complex system like this. But we don't want to be like most other communities that are lazy with ideas or feature implementation. Just know that while we want to progress the entire genre as much as we can, we're still very limited on resources (I'm speaking to everyone
  4. Welcome to TheDumpap! @TheDumpap is a recent addition to the Redux development team and will be working with @0neAcid to program toward our community vision for how the gameplay should look, feel, and function. We should all look forward to the added programming capacity and what TheDumpap can bring to the team as a competent programmer and member. Here's a brief introduction provided by TheDumpap: Community Vision The Redux 'community vision' includes the focus of our gameplay efforts and the choices we make in their development. In other words, when
  5. Sern

    Vehicle system

    Yes I anticipated some of the down sides of not allowing offline player vehicles to be stolen. I figured we could have a very simple pop up when you get very close to an unoccupied vehicle that simply says (offline) over it. That way you just simply stand near and look at the vehicle to determine if it can be stolen. Once our overall features are more robust and have had more time to develop I would consider the theft of offline player vehicles. But for now I have envisioned far too many problematic scenarios coming from it that would require far too much admin intervention and time spent
  6. Sern

    Vehicle system

    Yes I agree, there's a near infinite number of improvements on vehicle purchases and ownership systems we could make since in the past there's been barely any thought put into it. Agreed. Numbers not final but yes. I am hesitant to limit stock on more 'basic' vehicles but on higher end ones, definitely. Yes, absolutely. I had similar thoughts on test driving. I am in favor of limiting test drives to 30 minutes with a 10 minute late window where a fee is charged (possibly) for being late. After an additional 10 minute window (50 minutes) the vehicle will be flagged as stolen. Th
  7. You may need to download the image above to see text in greater detail. Hello everyone. I'm going to briefly discuss our current design process for a non traditional 911 dispatching system. Why change things up? We felt the traditional 911 systems were both overly simplistic and flatly lazy in design. Instead of having a half baked automated 911 system, we decided to make a dope ass fully baked automated system that was a backup for our even more dope real-time dispatch system. Real-time system? Yes. Imagine....a world where real people answer the emergency line IN REAL TIME! I
  8. Character Story Intro This topic will focus on the character story intro more than character creation itself. You may need to download the image above to see text in greater detail. This is a rough summarized non dev outline to portray our vision for the branching starting options for new characters. This helps set the stage for your character's backstory without being overbearing or overly detailed. Most choices are intentionally ambiguous. We don't want to overly define your character or force players into particularly detailed backstory when each player proba
  9. Server Intro Tutorial Summary This is a short one and merely is here to display our plans for an introductory tutorial to the server for new players and make them aware of features which may be unique to our server. Even if you're used to expecting certain features you may still need info on how to access them. Each of these systems will likely be discussed in further detail in the future. And as always, all of this is subject to change. Feel free to discuss or ask questions in the meantime.
  10. Economy A first draft of our intentions for the game server economy and its features. version 1a Realism At Redux we're really aiming for an economy that's as realistic as possible. This means a roughly 1:1 comparison between game economy and real life U.S. monetary value. We're making a number of economic choices and game features which facilitate this goal. More on this is covered under realistic life expenses below. Loans Private Banks Payment & Time Scale Realistic Life Expenses
  11. Feet, no inches? Add: Tattoos Piercings Scars Save those data values together in an array I guess and print them into a coherent description followed by a brief text description entered by the player. ID or playerName is {height} tall and has a {bodyBuild} build, appearing to be roughly {age} years. {age} would display a range of 10 years based on the actual character age bracket determined by the player. ID or playerName has {tattoos} (ignore if blank value for all). ETC. And as I mentioned a player made description should appear after those values are
  12. I'd stray away from saying banks have different perks as it feels too RPG like. I'm not against RPG mechanics that contribute to the RP, only ones that feel arbitrarily slapped on. I think it's simpler and more accurate to say different banks offer different types and amounts of incentives. It's probably just semantics but perks makes it feel like an RPG level up system lol. Also I think we could tie different banks into the loan system we'd like to have. For example, one bank may provide larger loan amounts but higher interest while another bank might do the opposite. Although I'm really
  13. Sern

    Courier Job

    This is a lot to respond to. It almost deserves its own topic. Renters should not work the same way as other servers anyway. Having a dozen people renting the same property is highly unrealistic. The number of available bedrooms should determine the renting setup. If the landlord also lives at the address, they must count as occupying one of the bedrooms. I like the premise of P.O. boxes and package delivery with some concerns attached. How can this be abused? What items what can be sent as a package? If no limits, who is responsible for screening packages? Does this mean all drug tr
  14. PDF attached but what you see here is pretty much what I've got at the moment. More to be done and a bit more reorganization. @Smilez this is the start of what you asked for. I have a section below what is shown in this image called "Property" which has not been started but there's plenty for me to list there as well. Planned Features Comparison (WIP) - Sheet1.pdf
  15. Sern

    Courier Job

    Nicely formatted and laid out. We could definitely look into utilizing these lore friendly company names and locations. You mentioned not knowing how the economy will work though and that's a good point. I will try to get something up with a rough outline on generally what we're going for. Just to give you an idea, it's our goal that every company in-game is player owned and operated where possible. Even government entities should be player managed. For jobs like this which are designed around new players having something quick and dirty to do, they'll still likely be player run and
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