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  1. 1) Mileage This variant will have effects on both player decision and vehicle cores. As in real life, when a car reaches certain mileage, the price goes down depending on the condition. This is totally up to the players themselves to come up with a price that they think is fair. Naturally as the car gains mileage, the parts begin to deteriorate and performance goes down. The mileage of the vehicle will be determined by the mileage driven around the map (duh..). Maintenance will be required per-said miles driven to prevent further damage to the vehicle. To display the mileage (aside the ma
  2. CREATING AN ACCOUNT / SERVER APPLICATION 1) If you haven't already, click to create an account on the Redux UCP. 2) Confirm your email address & follow the verification link on the email. (Make sure to double check your SPAM FOLDER) 3) Ensure you have reviewed the Redux Community Guidelines and are familiar with them. 4) Complete the 'Roleplayer's Quiz' and submit the application for approval. 5) Wait for an email or check back regularly for an update on your application. Once your application has been processed and accepted, you can now log in through the a
  3. At the beginning of the character creation stage, I suggest we set up parameters to ask the player a few questions which will determine their description once someone does the /examine command on them. This solves a few issues: 1) No unnecessary reports or complaints about players not having an /examine setup. 2) These can be changed via the UCP > Character Details with admin approval (Realistic portrayal?) *However, this is up for debate.* 3) It will give both admins and players a better guide on the character they're playing. What questions should be asked?
  4. Player ran banks I think would open the doors to both good and bad. The bad being that the economy could possibly be subject to exploitation OOC-wise. The good being that it opens the door for possible criminal role-play and could possibly influence the economy more into a player-lead model. Either way how we implement this would have to be carefully crafted.
  5. Smilez

    Courier Job

    Love it. Here's my suggestion that could be incorporated with: So to simplify this feature, I am not going to go for the more 'realistic' route where mailboxes and a federal mail-delivery come into play. Instead, this would be a simple way for other players can receive packages from other players through a simple command or CEF script. 1) A feature where one can walk up to someone's property (let's say the door to keep it simplistic) and press "Y", giving them an option to "Leave a package". and/or 2) Creating a post office with buyable PO Boxes where people with
  6. https://forum.redux.live/index.php?/clubs/4-bdc-bick-dig-club/
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