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  1. Me and Jayce discussed and though that we need a decent weapon system that's not locked behind some forum application, that's fun and has its risks, as well as rewards, no random gun spawning for LSPD nor criminal citizens, here's Jayce's ideas: Hey! Here is my first proposition for gun item economy that would give the world more depth, intrigue and attachment. Part 1 Weapons and weapon parts. Guns and weapons have been a large part of legal and illegal roleplay, getting it to work and be balanced has always been a tricky endeavor. Acquiring guns legally and illegally would requir
  2. Agreed, /vstats should show all the info about the vehicle, mileage, last maintenance(How many miles ago), name, VIN code etc Mileage should be shown on the hud, somewhere next to speed as well. Also, main display should show miles, but somewhere under kilometers as well. Another good idea, here where I live, there's those yearly checkups, costs money, if you fail, your car is not allowed on the road, could have those checkups here as well, just go to a mechanic(every mech has his own price), they do a quick check - engine/transmission, tires, brakes etc(depends on how in depth we wa
  3. Lance

    Vehicle system

    Downside of leaving everything spawned and not letting people steal cars of offline players is that people who want to steal a car have to run around and guess what car can/can't be stolen, being told by a script. Ideally yes, all cars always spawned, but it might also affect stability, if server has 200 players for example, some own two cars, we're looking at like 300 vehicles spawned on the map at the same time, hopefully server/people's PCs can handle it. but one good fix for criminals to be able to take any car, even when the owner is offline: * If we decide to have public parking garage
  4. Lance

    Vehicle system

    Every single server has an awful vehicle system, some better, some disgusting, but not a single one has the system where cars actually matter, where you're forced to actually take care of the car not use it as another asset. I'm working on the dealerships so I've been asking around, looking into all that vehicle system, so let's start from the beginning. I might be update the post if I get more ideas. 1. Dealerships and buying a car. 1.1 Dealerships should have a limited amount of cars in stock, especially Luxury Autos and Vinewood Autos, all those expensive cars will be 1/1 or 2/2.
  5. Tbh this one sounds good to me.
  6. Owning a bank is a lot of responsibilities. Need to choose owners carefully. But it's up to you, I'm personally down to not have player owned banks, not the big ones at least. Main point of this suggestion is to use most of the GTA Lore banks we're given, usually servers just get that big Pacific Standard one and that's it. In order to be different and make money RP more interesting and unique, each bank should have their own perks etc, player choose which they want to be the client of. Not just go and deposit/withdraw from any bank.
  7. Lance

    Courier Job

    Update: I found a sleeveless top with GoPostal logo for females,meaning there's one for males as well, i think. So I'd assume if it exists on gta online it can be added IG as well, hopefully.
  8. Lance

    Courier Job

    I'm sure you've been working or at least have it planned, since it's a ''go to'' job on a proper RP server, I've done some research and here's what I came up with for a fairly simple, yet realistic Courier job. There should be two options, GoPostal or PostOP, both have different locations, office buildings and warehouses, since I don't know anything about economy, I will not name the prices. The company is based on the real world counterpart, Fedex Express. It has an office, vehicles with proper logos and a warehouse where player can acquire a van or a truck. I don't know if
  9. Ability to carry and move dead bodies in a variety of ways.
  10. Lance

    Smart Watch

    Buy a smart watch from tech store/phone store that will simply give you this. Time, date, compass and degrees that could be set to random pretty much. It's not a watch object you get on your hand from jewelry store, it doesn't appear on your hand nor anything, just gives you this in the bottom right corner of your screen if you buy it. Name should be lore friendly, could also add two types for example, one only shows time and date, other, little more expensive one shows everything.
  11. There's a good amount of banks in GTA V: Maze Bank Fleeca Bank Pacific Standard Bank Blaine County Bank You can go to each bank and make an account, you get an account ID etc, all the little details. Now there's two options. Easy option - Transfering between clients of different banks adds a little tax(5-15% perhaps) while if you let's say send from Fleeca to Fleeca it's tax free. Deposit/Withdraw from another bank while you're a client of Fleeca also adds a tax. More complicated - What I previously mentioned, plus add more different taxes or extr
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