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Found 5 results

  1. Character ID / Naming System Anonymity for all! Hello all. Today I'd like to share a game system that's been at the forefront of our minds and development from the very beginning. How can we make player characters truly anonymous and make a huge dent in any meta-game potential? And how can we accomplish this while also allowing for continued efficient moderation? As most any roleplayer knows, traditionally every character's entire name is on full display to anyone within range at all times. It doesn't matter if you've never met before. We believe there's a be
  2. You may need to download the image above to see text in greater detail. Hello everyone. I'm going to briefly discuss our current design process for a non traditional 911 dispatching system. Why change things up? We felt the traditional 911 systems were both overly simplistic and flatly lazy in design. Instead of having a half baked automated 911 system, we decided to make a dope ass fully baked automated system that was a backup for our even more dope real-time dispatch system. Real-time system? Yes. Imagine....a world where real people answer the emergency line IN REAL TIME! I
  3. Character Story Intro This topic will focus on the character story intro more than character creation itself. You may need to download the image above to see text in greater detail. This is a rough summarized non dev outline to portray our vision for the branching starting options for new characters. This helps set the stage for your character's backstory without being overbearing or overly detailed. Most choices are intentionally ambiguous. We don't want to overly define your character or force players into particularly detailed backstory when each player proba
  4. Server Intro Tutorial Summary This is a short one and merely is here to display our plans for an introductory tutorial to the server for new players and make them aware of features which may be unique to our server. Even if you're used to expecting certain features you may still need info on how to access them. Each of these systems will likely be discussed in further detail in the future. And as always, all of this is subject to change. Feel free to discuss or ask questions in the meantime.
  5. Economy A first draft of our intentions for the game server economy and its features. version 1a Realism At Redux we're really aiming for an economy that's as realistic as possible. This means a roughly 1:1 comparison between game economy and real life U.S. monetary value. We're making a number of economic choices and game features which facilitate this goal. More on this is covered under realistic life expenses below. Loans Private Banks Payment & Time Scale Realistic Life Expenses
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