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Community Update 1 - Welcoming a New Developer & Community Vision

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Welcome to TheDumpap!

@TheDumpap is a recent addition to the Redux development team and will be working with @0neAcid to program toward our community vision for how the gameplay should look, feel, and function. We should all look forward to the added programming capacity and what TheDumpap can bring to the team as a competent programmer and member.

Here's a brief introduction provided by TheDumpap:


My name is Peter, I'm 19 years old and live in Denmark. During the day I work as an IT-consultant and in my spare time I am programming/scripting - specifically with a focus on GTA modding. I've been part of several projects, one of which actually had a 1000+ user base and a large community behind it. I am a very outgoing guy and I love reading feedback to later implement ideas and suggestions in-game. I look forward to working on the project together with the rest of the team and creating a revolutionary gameplay experience.


Redux Dev Team - Update 1.png


Community Vision

The Redux 'community vision' includes the focus of our gameplay efforts and the choices we make in their development. In other words, when we discuss the community vision it could mean the community itself, our approach to game mechanics and features, or both.

The following graphic should give everyone a decent understanding of our all inclusive community vision for Redux moving forward. This does not, however, mean that this graphic includes all of our goals or future plans though. Expect change in time.

Redux Community Vision.png

The above graphic includes both existing features, future goals, and our general vision for the community. Click each graphic to enlarge it in your browser or download the images if you wish.


⬇️ Development Screenshot Dump ⬇️


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