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Weapon System ideas

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Me and Jayce discussed and though that we need a decent weapon system that's not locked behind some forum application, that's fun and has its risks, as well as rewards, no random gun spawning for LSPD nor criminal citizens, here's Jayce's ideas:

Hey! Here is my first proposition for gun item economy that would give the world more depth, intrigue and attachment.
Part 1
Weapons and weapon parts. Guns and weapons have been a large part of legal and illegal roleplay, getting it to work and be balanced has always been a tricky endeavor. Acquiring guns legally and illegally would require two systems. Legal guns would be through a permit and buying at a Ammunation for law abiding citizens. For felons and criminals there needs to be a system that would allow them to still get their hands on guns through a different way.

Part 2
Getting the parts. I propose a system where through high risk and large hurdles you would be able to do what I call- gun runs. Gun runs would be a risky job or occupation where you would deliver shipments of gun parts through the city to certain destinations in the hopes acquiring gun parts in exchange for your services. For simplification, each gun would consist of 3 gun parts: Upper - Containing the barrel and ejecting port Lower - Grip and magazine, Bolt - Carries the rounds into the barrel and contains the firing pin. For example if you wanted the Combat Pistol, you would need a Combat Pistol Upper, Combat Pistol Lower and a Combat Pistol Bolt. But for instance you had only a CP upper and lower, you could still combine the gun but It would not be able to fire. But you could still use it to intimidate, trick and deceive other players, introducing little scam trick for people who don't test their purchases or are not careful enough. In the same way, you'll have a chance to get rare weapon attachments that would allow to further customize your own weaponry to suit your needs.(extras like silencer/flashlight, everything that GTA V customization offers that would be balanced for RP server)



For gamefication you can do this 3 part system for each gun. But later if wanted could make it more realistic for certain weapons. ( Such as revolvers and guns with their own quirks.) This system would allow weapons to become a part of the economy at a slow pace. As it would create a economy around the parts. And even if you don't get a gun outright. You could still sell and collect the parts that you want without flooding the market with large number of actual guns. A certain system could be deployed for the police force and military services. There would be a weekly shipment of weapons and ammunition that would make the police and or military collect the shipment and escort it across the map to their respective bases of operation. This would make it so that the police force and military would have a limited supply that they have to make work and wouldn't be able to just spawn in weapons from a locker that they have. As well as give a fun interactive event for the police and military to do with a risk from criminal gangs being able to organize to intercept and try to steal the shipment of guns for themselves. This would bring in risk and resource managment to the economy as well as be lucrative for the black market. However all legal weapons would have serial # attached to them, making criminals think twice who are planning to intercept those convoys. At the same time it's up to LSPD to organize them in a way, so there's enough patrols/backup available while convoy is guarded enough. With this system, both LSPD and criminal citizens will have to work for their weapons and also have limited availability on guns.

Part 3
Gun tier list and rarity. I believe the management will be able to put together a tier list of guns that they want to include into the server. Based on risk and difficulty. The drop rate for rarer/ higher guns should be pretty high. But the best guns should still be the military ones only from the weekly shipments. For example, LSPD can aquire any weapon through army, but civillians will have a limited amount of weapons available, such as pistols, some semi automatic weapons, some heavier weapons could be an extremely rare drop, but heaviest of weapons are only restricted to army.

Part 4
Gun runs. I see this as a extremely illegal occupation with many risks. The length of the run/ difficulty should determine the loot table to what you would be exposed to. The longer and riskier the run. The better the loot table. In all honesty you could bring these parts into the world from many ways. As long as its risky, has a bit of chance and wouldn't be predictable would be a perfect way to bring this into an item based economy. 

Those are just some ideas/thoughts for staff members to discuss, feel free to add to this suggestion, explain why it might not work out, but the main idea behind all this is to have a Weapon system that's:
* Limited for civillians AND officials
* Limit the amount of weapons used in the server while still giving players an option to acquire one
* Not use an application system where you can become a weapon lord through OOC app
* Give a chance at illegal activities to any player
* Make it fun as a whole to acquire the parts and do weapon runs while also giving LSPD some extra work to watch out for those

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Those ideas are complex and would take time to plan out, much less program in. I would think of this as a great thing to expand into after initial launch. Definitely something to work toward as a fun update people can get excited about once we have our foundation. There's probably a reason most other communities haven't done a complex system like this. But we don't want to be like most other communities that are lazy with ideas or feature implementation. Just know that while we want to progress the entire genre as much as we can, we're still very limited on resources (I'm speaking to everyone reading this). As we gain more development capacity and a solid foundation to work from, we'll be able to explore these more complex expansions so to speak.

For now I would like to say my ideas are very simple on the distribution of illegal weapons. Legal weapons will work very similarly to described above and be fairly standard with licensing and all that.

Illegal weapons will probably be distributed to select well established illicit organizations entirely via roleplay. This seems more realistic to me than an admin just crapping guns out on the ground for the org to pickup and go on their way. Instead actual RP deals will have to be made. It will be an organic way for those wishing to acquire firearms from larger distribution networks to roleplay the entire process.

Build the relationship up and obtain the firearms. But how will you do it? Will you try to swindle the weapons supplier and risk retribution or will you pay your share and deal with the firearm distributors respectfully? Will the police somehow appear out of nowhere during the trade? Or a police heli fly overhead? Will a random civilian wonder upon the scene? The idea here is that even the admins playing characters who are distributing these guns fully ICly don't even entirely know the outcome of the RP. Things could go very right or very wrong.

Personally I favor this kind of interaction over a rigidly scripted system where, once you've done it a few times, you kinda know what to expect and there's never any surprises anymore. Every interaction is roughly the same and when you're real familiar with the system you can even find ways to game it, cheat it, etc. Min-max and the like.

Now once the admins did the RP with the organization receiving the illegal firearms it's up to that organization as to what they do with them. Distribute them all for cash? Keep some for personal use? Keep them all and find other ways to make money? Who knows.

So the illegal firearms I'd like to see 'trickle down' from the top through multiple sales until it reaches the street.

International Weapons Traffickers (Admins) -> National Weapons Traffickers -> Local Traffickers or personal users.

That is my suggestion, at least for the time being. This is because it's a method of distributing firearms that blends seamlessly into organic RP without adding more programming overhead requirements. As long as an organization is fairly well established (not been around for merely a week) then all will have an equitable chance to broker deals with the admins ICly.

But yes, longer term, I'd like to see other ways to acquire illegal firearms.

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