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Community Update 2 - Killing the Silence

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  • Management

It's been pretty silent around here, including on the Redux Discord. While the team has had some variety of real life interruptions which has impacted productivity, we have continued to progress. This was originally intended to be a brief update but it's been expanded. Update 3 is planned to be a video feature showcase.

A lot of back end programming work has been done. The base UCP framework is complete and functional, though more work lies ahead here. I will list some other items we have worked on. Many listed items are fundamentally complete but still a work in progress.


Faction UI & Management


  • Anyone can create and manage a group / faction.
    • Want to create a simple club organization for a hobby of some kind? Or maybe a secret underground racing crew? You can do it.
  • View and manage faction resources.
    • Add new properties and manage existing organizational resources like vehicles, businesses, etc.
    • As the leader, add and remove members from the faction.
    • Create faction ranks.
    • Promote and demote members.
    • Assign permissions to created ranks.
    • View member activity (hours played).
    • Manage item storage via an equipment locker (if applicable).
  • Create a faction wide announcement to keep your members informed.
  • Faction vehicles can be shared among faction members.

View spoiler for screenshots.



alt_V Multiplayer 11_2_2020 12_48_08 AM.png

alt_V Multiplayer 11_2_2020 12_48_44 AM.png

alt_V Multiplayer 11_2_2020 12_48_53 AM.png






Bank UI & ATM Interactions


  • ATM
    • Access with PIN (Personal Identification Number)
      • Too many failed attempts will lock the account and further transactions. (Incomplete)
    • Withdraw
    • Deposit
    • View Balance






Gas Stations & Fuel


  • Vehicle fuel depletes. More work to be done to have varied fuel consumption between vehicle types.
  • Refill your vehicle. You can only do this while standing outside your vehicle at the pump. The process takes 1-2 minutes depending on the amount of fuel to be pumped. Refueling is typically designed to be infrequent but still more so than real life.






  • View different vehicles at a dealership. Each dealership will offer a unique set of vehicles.
  • Displays vehicle statistics.
  • Test drive vehicles.
    • Your world instance is changed for the duration of the test drive so you can go crazy without interrupting other's RP or getting yourself into a pursuit. Think of it as a virtual test drive.
    • We'd like to expand on test drives more in the future, such as more RP interaction with sales employees who may ride with the test driver.
  • Purchase vehicles with debit card, cash, or a bank loan (if you qualify). View spoiler for screenshots.


alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_59_18 PM.png

alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_59_57 PM.png








  • Recent revision of the vehicle HUD for improved immersion. View spoiler for vehicle HUD.

alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_25_42 PM (2).png

  • Vehicles now have both a cabin inventory and a trunk inventory which are separate, not combined. View spoiler for screenshots.


alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_34_27 PM.png

alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_39_11 PM.png



  • Audio
    • Audio played from the vehicle is now 3D instead of just being 'on' or 'off'. As a vehicle approaches, the audio levels will increase accordingly and decrease as the vehicle gains distance. Even without full surround sound you should be able to tell which direction the vehicle is moving.
    • A music station manager has been created and it's in early stages but functional. This is completely separate from vanilla game audio tracks.
  • Register your vehicle at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or via your mobile phone. (Incomplete)
  • Pay your vehicle's insurance via your mobile phone. (Incomplete)




Law Enforcement


  • MDC (Mobile Data Computer) View spoiler for screenshots.


Screenshot_2020-11-01 Roleplay Redux - MDC.png

Screenshot_2020-11-01 Roleplay Redux - MDC - Past Addresses.png

Screenshot_2020-11-01 Roleplay Redux - MDC - Known Phone Numbers.png

Screenshot_2020-11-01 Roleplay Redux - MDC - New MDC Entry.png

Screenshot 2020-11-01 230731.png


  • Equipment Locker
    • PD employees are responsible for their own equipment. Magic unlimited weapons are no more.
    • Basic equipment is stored in your locker at the station. Take only what you need for your role and leave what you don't need behind.
    • Additional non basic equipment is stored in the armory. Employees may retrieve only the gear they need and have access to from the armory. Equipment & ammunition which is checked out is registered to that employee and it will be noticed if it's not returned to the armory.
    • Vehicles
      • LEO vehicles come with varied standardized equipment on board depending upon their role. (Incomplete)






  • All firearms come with serial numbers, just like real life. In the future, some illegal weapons may be sold after the serial numbers have been vandalized.
  • Larger firearms remain visible at all times if equipped. (e.g. Shotgun) View spoiler for screenshot.

alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_31_55 PM.png


  • Firearms in your inventory (like a backpack) are not considered equipped and can't be used until equipped.
  • Equipping a firearm is not immediate and takes some time depending upon the class of firearm (seconds).
  • Large firearms that are equipped but not in your hands will appear on your character's back.
  • You can have a large firearm on your back and a pistol in your hands ready to use.
  • You can't have more than one large firearm equipped. You can have more than one unequipped in your inventory (if you have space).
  • Just like real life, there's no ammunition counter. You'll have to gauge how many rounds you think are left in the magazine and whether or not you should reload even if you may have unspent ammo in your magazine.
  • No automatic reload, just like real life. When you hear *click click click* it's time to reload but it won't happen until you press R to reload yourself.
  • All firearms have custom names.
    • Most custom names are completely made up but are loosely based on the firearm's real life counterpart. In some cases you may even infer the real life name from the fictional name.
      • In fewer cases, the name of the firearm is more of a generic class of firearm (e.g. AR-15).
    • Custom firearm names bring back some immersion factor from boring generic names R* gave firearms like: "Heavy Pistol". Bleh.
    • Using real life firearm names could get us sued. So don't ask, we're never doing that.


  • Animations
    • An animation wheel has been implemented, though it's currently missing some animations.
    • A mood wheel has been implemented. Show a visual representation of your character's mood during conversation.


alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_45_52 PM.png

alt_V Multiplayer 11_1_2020 11_46_05 PM.png




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