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Character ID / Naming System - True Anonymity For All

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Character ID / Naming System

Anonymity for all!


Hello all. Today I'd like to share a game system that's been at the forefront of our minds and development from the very beginning.

How can we make player characters truly anonymous and make a huge dent in any meta-game potential? And how can we accomplish this while also allowing for continued efficient moderation?

As most any roleplayer knows, traditionally every character's entire name is on full display to anyone within range at all times. It doesn't matter if you've never met before. We believe there's a better way and we're committed to improving upon this system as needed.

Character ID Naming System - Public.png

You may need to download the image above to see text in greater detail.


The above graphic is a trimmed down version of our internal dev graphic but does adequately portray our goals and intentions with this system.


Moderation & Damage Logs


We are planning further sub features of this system to assist with moderation and rule enforcement. One of these is that any other player that causes damage to you will appear in the log, easily retrievable by admins for review. We may make this log accessible to the player as a list. Players that cause damage to you will not have their real character names shown, only their SID (Session ID). For admins, this will show the character's full name. In addition to logging the player that damaged you, we will also be logging the source of the damage (vehicle VIN, firearm serial number, melee weapon, etc.) and even the coordinates where the damage was received. It is not yet decided if the source of damage will be information supplied to the player inflicted with the damage but likely not to help reduce any meta-game potential.


Acquaintance & Recognition System


Some additional plans include the ability to 'recognize' other characters that you have come into contact with on a semi-regular basis. Currently this is planned as a subtle feature in which character names (or even Stranger IDs) change color based on how much contact you've had with them or how long it's been since you last had contact.

This is our attempt at an organic recognition system where a stranger could become an acquaintance if you've been around one another often enough over a period of time.

Since you can't recognize faces in-game anything like you could in real life this subtle change in character name color would clue you in that you have encountered someone before, though you may not know much of the details regarding when or where. If you've not made contact with a character in some time, that had a color change to their name to reflect you recognizing them, that color will fade back to default.




We believe this character ID system provides maximum flexibility to the players while ensuring no hindrance to moderation capabilities whatsoever.

As long as it fits the format 'FIRSTNAME' or 'FIRSTNAME LASTNAME' and uses alphabetic characters you can name any character you meet anything you want. This can be their real name (if they gave it to you and didn't lie about their real name) or a nickname they provided you or that you gave to them.

Feel free to provide us feedback on this system and, as always, we are interested in any fun new ideas you have - whether it be with this system or any other.


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